Adobe Creative Jam
Adobe Creative Jam is a traveling design competition in which teams of two students have three hours to design a response to a prompt before presenting to a crowd and panel of judges.
Given the prompt of Mixed Metaphors, my appreciation for humor and my teammate Leah Fessler's style of collage came together to create a set of interchangeable metaphor cards that fit the phrase "You _____ my _____".
Our entry received both the People's and Judges' choice awards.

Click image to view the Bēhance recap of the event

Celebration photos with partner Leah Fessler
A mix of projects from an Into to Printmaking course and attending open shop sessions at a local screen printing business. All designs are original.
Screen printing is my favorite printmaking medium because of the split fountain effects that can be achieved. I also love the gloppy nature of the ink and the challenge of lining up the layers when registering a complex print.
Making Things was a multidisciplinary course in which I teamed up with a business student and and engineering student to produce a 3D-printed product we then had to pitch as if we would be selling it.
My team, The Maker$, chose the demographic of pet owners who love to spoil their pets and took a human-centered (or pet-centered) design approach from there. We found a problem that needed to be solved and brainstormed solutions with the pet's habits and fears in consideration. After several rounds of prototyping, we came up with an effective solution that allows your dog to be part of the family at dinnertime.

All editing and B-roll done by me. A-roll filmed through the Gies College of Business at UIUC.  

Whether it's for a photo class or kicks, I'm a sucker for a good quality photo. I'm always on the lookout for good lighting, demand a crisp focus, and tend to find pretty entertaining subject matter. Click images to view larger.
Resident Advisor (RA)
I was able to get pretty crafty with door decorations and bulletin boards when I was an RA my junior year. My hall theme second semester was Snapchat.
University Housing contracted me to design PDF "Print-and-Post" bulletin boards to be sent out and used by every RA in the area (two examples shown). The Title IX poster was distributed and hung in every dorm bathroom stall.
A visual breakdown of the song "Truce" by Twenty One Pilots. Each box, or note, was strategically placed on a musical staff made of guides in Illustrator.

First stanza of "Truce"

Full spread of "Truce"

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